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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is an Arabian Peninsula country on the Persian Gulf and Gulf of Oman formed from a federation of seven emirates, including Abu Dhabi, the country’s capital city and capital of culture, and Dubai, one of the world’s most popular destinations, which is home to man-made islands and the tallest building on Earth, Burj Khalifa.

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The other emirates are Ajman, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah, and Umm Al Quwain. Known for its futuristic-looking cities teeming with sleek skyscrapers, the UAE is also blessed with breathtaking beaches, a haunting desert landscape, otherworldly oases, magnificent mosques, world-class museums, family-friendly theme parks, and the majestic Hajar Mountains, the highest range in the region.

What to See

Dubai - Topping out at 2,722 feet, Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world, and is a more than 160-story mixed-use skyscraper housing luxury residences, a hotel, restaurants and more. Head up to the observation deck for panoramic views of Dubai. The Dubai Fountain is the world’s tallest performing fountain and is located between the world’s tallest building and the Dubai Mall. It unleashes 22,000 gallons of water hundreds of feet in the air and its colorful and illuminated water jets sway rhythmically to various melodies. The Dubai Opera is the city's premier performing arts venue. It is located near The Dubai Fountain and hosts operas, ballets, plays, concerts and more. Palm Jumeirah is a palm-tree-shaped archipelago of man-made islands and home to some of Dubai’s top luxury resorts, fine-dining restaurants, sandy beaches, and upscale villas.

Abu Dhabi - Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is a monumental white-marble structure and one of the world’s largest and most beautiful mosques whose main prayer hall boasts one of the largest chandeliers in the world. The mosque welcomes non-Muslims into all areas. The Louvre Abu Dhabi exhibits artwork from around the globe and is the most visited museum in the Arab world. The goal of the museum is to foster the spirit of openness between cultures. Qasr Al Watan is the working presidential palace of the United Arab Emirates and is open to the public. Here you will find the House of Knowledge exhibit, Presidential Banqueting Hall, and a public library that contains books, periodicals, and rare manuscripts. Yas Island is home to Yas Waterworld, an Emirati-themed waterpark with more than 40 rides, slides and attractions, including the region’s longest suspended rollercoaster; Ferrari World, the planet’s first Ferrari-themed park and home to the world’s fastest rollercoaster, Formula Rossa; and Warner Bros. World, the world’s largest indoor theme park which features characters from the Warner Bros. franchise, including Looney Tunes, DC Comics, Hanna-Barbera and more.

Al Ain – This inland oasis city is known as the “Garden City” because of its greenery, particularly its palm groves. Al Ain is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the oldest permanently inhabited settlements in the world. It is also home of Qasr Al Muwaiji, a historic fort and birthplace of Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the late President of the United Arab Emirates.

Rub' al Khali – Explore the UAE’s greatest desert region on the back of a camel, in a 4x4, or on your own two feet. The Rub' al Khali, aka the “Great Empty Quarter,” is the largest area of continuous sand on Earth and virtually uninhabited. The explorer Sir Wilfred Thesiger, describing the Rub' al Khali, wrote: “It was very still, with the silence which we have driven from our world.”

When to Go

The best time to visit the United Arab Emirates is from November to April when the temperatures are more tolerable. Be aware that during the summer months the average daily temperature soars over 100 degrees and can be rather humid.

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